От 2011 година ПГПЧЕ „Петър Богдан“ е в постоянна партньорска връзка с  Българо американската комисия за образователен обмен Фулбрайт. По линия на Фулбрайт и Америка за България  в нашата гимназия вече шест  години има помощник-учители от САЩ. Присъствието на носители на езика е изключително полезно за изучаващите английски език. Те не само могат да усъвършенстват своите речеви умения, но и да се запознаят от първо лице с културата и традициите на САЩ. Уроците с тези млади хора са изключително интересни и до голяма степен различни, което ги прави много привлекателни за нашите ученици.

Marty Evenson, ETA 2011/13


Paige Gasser, ETA 2013/2014

 ‘I was so fortunate to be selected for the Fulbright program in Montana, a place and community I loved right away. Working with my colleagues and students at Fulbright and FLHS “Peter Bogdan” was an incredible experience and a lot of fun that inspired me to keep working in education. ‘


Anna Fuselier, ETA 2014/15

My experience as a Fulbright-ABF English Teaching Assistant in Montana was the most treasured year of my life to date. Not much can prepare a 23 year-old for the transition from college life to a small Bulgarian town. There are street signs you can’t pronounce and names you most certainly cannot read. Although most Bulgarians snarl at the mention of Montana, my interactions with the students and teachers I met there have crafted quite a different impression that was not only positive but life-changing. Never in my life have I encountered students that embody generosity and grit so equally. All the students and teachers never shied away from being honest and their willingness to always be themselves inspired me to feel comfortable. With some weeks of teaching under my belt and my involvement as the school’s Speech and Debate coach, I discovered the raw potential and power of these students. The passion and drive for self-improvement that they displayed left me wondering how in the world they are only 14-17 years old. They possess a maturity and independence that never failed to amaze me. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been placed in Montana but it was the support from the school, the students, and my mentor teachers that made it special. Above all else, my experienced revealed the strength of community in a way I had never thought possible and for that, I am forever grateful. A return visit to Montana is currently my #1 priority, a trend that will remain the same for years and years to come.



Reid Furubayashi, ETA 2015/16

‘I came to Montana by way of Rochester, New York, where I studied Anthropology at the University of Rochester. In college I was engaged in current events, ultimate Frisbee, and art – and I was excited to find ways to apply these at Peter Bogdan and in Montana at large. I spent my time in Montana folk dancing, attending art classes, teaching students how to play Frisbee, and lesson planning. I was constantly impressed with the close community at Peter Bogdan and the maturity of my students and I believe that Montana students are a special group of people. ‘


Kate Cowie-Haskell, ETA 2016/17

 ‘My name is Chinmayi Manjunath, and I am the current Fulbright Teaching Assistant at Peter Bogdan Foreign Language High School in Montana. The U.S. Fulbright ETA Program is a state-sponsored fellowship program that places Americans in schools around the world to teach English and foster cross-cultural exchange. I graduated college last spring in Massachusetts with a degree in mathematics, but am also an avid fan of languages, creative writing, and the great outdoors!

Here at Peter Bogdan, I teach the 7th to 12th grades. After school, you can find me coaching the school’s speech and debate team or practicing English with students over coffee. They continue to impress me with their work ethic and enthusiasm for learning, but even more importantly, their remarkable compassion for one another. I have only lived in Montana for two months so far, but thanks to my students, it already feels like home.’


Chinmayi Manjunath, ETA 2017/2018